MY feelings on GnR

I’m a huge Guns N’ Roses fan! I was a kid, and “Welcome to the Jungle” had just come out on MTV. I looked at them, and I remember going, “Holy shit, that guy has fucking black teeth” [Laughs]. Watching Axl Rose on stage, that’s the only thing I remember! I obviously grew to love their records, but that was my very first impression. First of all, they write incredible songs. They’re real players, but they also have an undeniable chemistry. When they come together, it’s magic. Did I relate to “Mr. Brownstone” when I was six-years-old? No, I didn’t know what they were talking about but I loved the record. I met Duff McKagan well after he was in Guns N’ Roses. I met him in a club in downtown New York. I told him I was a huge fan and we talked for a couple of minutes. That was super cool.

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